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In the Netherlands it was broadcast by Veronica on the national television network. In the United Kingdom Tour of Duty was screened regionally among the 14 contractors of the ITV Network. The show was typically shown with two commercial breaks inserted around 1.20am on a Sunday morning by Central Television and at 11.35pm on Tuesday nights by Yorkshire Television. The Yorkshire time was the
most commonly adopted among other ITV regions. In 1998
the show was screened in the UK on television channel Bravo. Currently the show is screened on UK Satellite/Cable channel FX.

The French-speaking version was called "L'Enfer du Devoir", and aired in France and the Province of Québec (aired on the Historia channel in Québec Monday through Thursday at 5pm, in July and August 2005).

The Australian television network Ten first ran the series at 7:30 pm. Many years later Seven repeated the series typically late at night on Thursdays, normally starting at 12:00 midnight. In the Philippines it was weekly aired on GMA 7 every Monday night at 9:00 pm. In Costa Rica it was aired by channel 9 and then by channel 7 as "Misión Vietnam" In Mexico it was aired by Televisa's canal 5 as "Misión del Deber" (Duty Mission), whilst in Argentina it was broadcast as "Nam: Primer Pelotón" (Nam: First Platoon). In Spain, Telecinco aired the show as "Camino del Infierno" in late night hours Wednesday, and later, on C+ as "Tour of Duty" at 12.00 M. In Italy the show was aired by a local TV Network Italia7 with the title "Vietnam Addio" (Goodbye Vietnam) in the form of a tv-movie. It was also aired on the national network Italia1.

In Germany the show was aired by RTL with the title "NAM – Dienst in Vietnam" ("NAM — Service in Vietnam").

In Japan the show with the title "Good Luck Saigon" was aired thuru the Wowow, a paid satellite broadcast around 1991. By this reason the show is least known by Japanese public.

In Zimbabwe the show was boadcast in the early nineties, showing on the national television channel ZBC TV1 (Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Television 1) at nine o'clock pm on Thursdays and developed a cult following, becoming a hit television series throughout its screening.

In South Africa the show was aired with the title "Sending Vietnam" in Afrikaans by the SABC.

In Sweden the show was sent over and over again during late nights at the channel Kanal 5 as "Pluton B i Vietnam".

In Norway the show was broadcast with the title "Pliktløpet" by "TV Norge" in the 90's.

In Denmark the show was broadcast in the 1990s as "Platoon B" on various local-tv networks, mainly the channel "Kanal 2".

In Brazil the show was aired with the title "Combate no Vietnã" ("Combat in Vietnam").

In Colombia the show was aired with the title "Misión del Deber" ("Duty Mission").

In Sri Lanka the show has been aired at least twice, once in 90s and once in 2007/8.

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