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The plot centered around space astronauts, Tyberius "Ty" Walker (Flex) and Morris Clay (Bell), who flew around the universe in a winged car in the 23rd century. The duo's car, which was a cross between a lowrider and an 18 wheeler, was piloted by a talking female computer named Loquatia. The show was intended as a parody of science fiction shows such as Star Trek as well as Red Dwarf.


Yes, I was a Producer on this show. Ok, I know the first thing that comes to mind is what a bad show this was.  That much we can all agree on.  But beyond that, it was my original idea… Well, sort of…  here's how it came about…  Back in the 90's a bunch of celebs in "Black Hollywood" used to go bowling at like 3:00 AM when they could have the entire place exclusively.  Eddie Murphy was one of them and he would ask me nearly every time to come up with something for him that he could produce under his deal at Paramount.  One night I just said, "How about two brotha's in space?”  My original idea was two cool soldiers of fortune that view the universe much differently than Hans Solo (Star Wars) ever did. I thought it might be a cool movie for Eddie & Arsenio, and he wound up loving the idea and asked me to write it up. Unfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately) it wasn't a movie that the studio wanted to make so eventually the television folks got it via my friend Miguel and ran with it. They even changed the title from “Dark Space” to HBIOS. I also found it interesting that even though the idea was mine, the guy they hired to write the pilot and Executive Produce wound up getting “Created By” credit. That’s what happens when you’re new to Producing and you don’t have great agency representation. It didn’t seem to matter that I’d sold this exact same show three different times before it landed at Disney/UPN. Needless to say, I had absolutely no creative control. Even though I was a producer on the show, most of the writers & producers didn’t seem to be too fond of me because I was constantly complaining. They actually seemed to think it was funny. I would sit there wondering if I was the one who was crazy.  Fortunately the rest of the world confirmed my sanity.

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