Actor, Writer, Director, and Producer STAN FOSTER began his versatile career starring in the critically acclaimed, Emmy winning CBS television drama “TOUR OF DUTY”.   As an actor Stan has been blessed to work with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. As a writer his films have grossed millions of dollars. As a producer he has sold and developed sitcoms, dramas, and reality programming to multiple networks including CBS, FOX, MTV, Comedy Central, USA Networks, UPN, Disney and Discovery Channel.   And now as a director his work stretches from nationally touring stage plays to major studio film releases. All of this without ever having taken an acting class, writing class, or even the benefit of film school. “I believe that if I can do it, anyone can because I never even had the training.  But I did have passion, confidence, and determination to never give up. I just knew that GOD was ultimately in control.”

From the humble beginnings of the tough Kimmel Brooks Housing Project in Youngstown, Ohio to unlikely Hollywood success. Stan’s formative years were spent doing the wrong things, with the wrong crowd, for all the wrong reasons.  A compassionate Guidance Counselor saw past the delinquent behavior and recognized his academic potential.  She all but forced him to apply for college even going as far as filling out the application.  “I found myself a prelaw major at The Ohio State University, until the day I spent an afternoon with an Attorney who showed me just how unglamorous his job was. I knew that day that this was not my path. But I felt kind of trapped because for as long as I could remember I’d told everyone that I was going to be a Lawyer.  How could I just quit now? Up until that point in my life I’d only prayed to God when I was in trouble.  But that was the first day that I’d actually prayed for guidance and direction. I was on my knees in tears as I cried out, for God to show me which way to go. To my surprise God asked me what I wanted. Wow… That, I really didn’t expect. It was the first time that I’d literally heard God’s voice. I looked up at the television and replied; “I wanna do that.” Without hesitation God told me to go to Hollywood. Now how scary was that? But I simply trusted that he would handle the rest. God truly provides where God guides. Talk about giving us the desires of our hearts.”

After relative immediate success as an actor, Stan wanted more. He sought to branch out and write television scripts. Without the confidence or experience he again stepped out in faith after receiving a spiritual prophecy: “THERE’S A WRITER IN YOU” at his Los Angeles church through a traveling Evangelist,

Stan suspended his acting career and focused his efforts behind he camera. He also struck an overall development deal with Columbia Pictures Television to write, produce, and develop new shows for the studio.  While producing a series for UPN & Disney, Stan received a call from an executive at the Family Channel who had the notion to turn (Prominent Dallas Pastor) BISHOP T.D. JAKES self help book WOMAN THOU ART LOOSED into a gospel stage play. Restricted by his demanding television production schedule, Stan was only able to assist remotely in supplying the writer, director, and producer for the traveling stage production.  He even helped to shape and develop the storyline (loosely based on an ex-girlfriend’s real-life childhood sexual abuse).  Soon after the play opened in Atlanta, a then relatively unknown actor/playwright named TYLER PERRY who happened to be in attendance eventually took over as director and took the stage production to new heights.

Years later with Tyler now a legend on the gospel play circuit,  crossed paths with Stan yet again on the set of the feature film WOMAN THOU ART LOOSED (Written and Produced by Stan) where Tyler offered invaluable insight on this underserved genre. Stan’s producing partner on WTAL went on to collaborate with Tyler to produce numerous hits and rewrite urban movie history. As JFK once said; “A rising tide lifts all boats”.  Keep on rising, Tyler!

Upcoming (January 29th 2010) is the Warner Bros.  release of the feature film PREACHER’S KID, starring LeToya Luckett (formerly of Destiny’s Child) , R&B artist Tank, and gospel star Kiki Sheard. In addition to writing and producing, this also marked Stan’s directorial debut.

With several stage, television, & film projects currently in various stages of development, production, and distribution, Stan Foster is now set to launch “The Hollywood Mentors”, a new media venture which links television, Artist Management, and internet Social Networking.  God is truly amazing, and always in control.